Tax Exemption Policy

The purpose of this Tax-Exempt policy is to describe the steps and prerequisites for obtaining tax exemptions on Hardware Storm purchases.

State Tax Exemption: Most states exclude purchases from paying sales taxes; California is an exception. Purchases in California may be subject to a sales tax at the state level of up to 7.75%; the exact rate may range across the state's counties.

Nonprofit Organizations: Tax-exempt purchases may be available for charitable organizations, religious organizations, educational institutions, or other nonprofits.

Governmental Organizations: When purchasing goods and services from Hardware Storm, federal and state governmental organizations may be eligible for tax exemptions.

Resellers: Companies that resell goods may also qualify for tax exemption status if they have all the required paperwork in order.


New Customers

  1. Create an Account:

If you are a new client, you must follow below steps for tax exemption.

Assemble Required Documents: Obtain the necessary certifications or paperwork attesting to your organization's tax-exempt status before submitting an application for tax exemption.

Document Submission: Send your documents to [email protected] via email as soon as your account is live and they are in order. For reference, please include your order number or account information.

Assessment: During regular business hours, our committed staff will go over your documents.

Acceptance Notification: Your account will be updated and you will receive an email confirming your tax-exempt status.

Instant Implementation: Your tax-exempt status will be automatically reflected in all new orders, and any taxes that have already been paid will reimbursed

Returning Customers:

Maintaining Tax-Exempt Status: The procedure is considerably easier if you are a repeat customer, who has already attained tax-exempt status.

Renewing Documentation: In order to stay in compliance, please submit updated documentation if your tax-exempt status changes or if your documents expire.

For Exemptions from Multiple Jurisdictions: If your company has operations in more than one state, kindly supply the necessary paperwork for each state.

Order Details: Please indicate which state you require the tax exemption for when you check out.

Continuous Regulation Compliance: To guarantee compliance in many jurisdictions, we will retain your documents on file and apply tax exemptions when necessary for upcoming orders.